Ready to start digging!

I have finally made the transition and it is exciting to start this new chapter in my life.  I am lucky enough to say that I have turned my passionate hobby into my second career.  Over the twenty years I spent working for others in different corporations – I had many conversations about wanting to retire, wanting to be my own boss and wanting to do something meaningful, rewarding and helpful to others.  And now, I have re-invented myself and jumped to a completely different career path.  It feels good.  I can’t wait to see how things transpire and I am truly looking forward to meeting new friends and helping them discover their ancestry and the stories of those that have come before them.

2 thoughts on “Ready to start digging!

  1. Do you know the names of Duncan’s 23 brothers and sisters. For I do believe that this family is related to us for we have the same relative (Dr. Margaret O’Hara ). I do think a sister Mary married our Donald MacTavish , and Donald’s sister married Mary’s brother John . For our John and his half brother and brother Alexander came to Canada together . For Alexander married Anne McEwen . Please let me know if I am on the right track.


    • I believe that your John, his brother Alexander and their half brother John – all came from Perthshire and settled in Lanark County. These three McTavish men, and their families can be found in many documents in the area. Although they share the same last name, the family of Donald McTavish who was married to Mary McTavish, were from Argyllshire. Mary and her children emigrated to Lanark County also in 1816.
      Mary is a daughter of Hugh McTavish and his wife Margaret Stewart of Achachoish, Glassary, Argyllshire. There was some inter-marrying between the two McTavish “lines” in Lanark County. Donald and Mary’s daughter Margaret married John McTavish, and daughter Sarah married Peter McTavish. Some of the families stayed in that area and some moved on to other areas. Lets connect and see if we can’t figure out some of the connections.


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