Offering any service related to your ancestry or genealogy.  Some specific work that I can do:

  • Training on how to build your own family tree
  • Archival searches – finding the records (vital stats, land, wills, court documents, immigration, newspapers)
  • Creating and growing sourced family trees online on all subscription platforms
  • Writing family histories through articles and blogs
  • Creating various charts and reports through FamilyTree Maker
  • Photography services – gravestones, neighbourhoods
  • Transcriptions – old documents, gravestones
  • Organizing family documents and photos
  • NEW!  DNA analysis, matching, triangulating and painting
  • Specialty in Scottish records, Canadian records, Scottish immigration to Canada and Halton County settlement

Currently accepting new clients.  Please contact me to discuss your research and project needs.  I offer a free half hour consultation to discuss your needs and will provide insight into the expected next steps.  I will provide a research proposal to you based on the initial consultation and from there, you can decide on the project, before any fees are charged.

Every project is unique but the following gives an idea of my fees:

  • Record searches, training, photography and organization projects from $20 per hour
  • Full research, DNA analysis, written reports and online family trees from $30 per hour
  • Production (printing, video, web) to be costed by project

Disclaimer:  Sometimes the records no longer exist or people do not want to be found.  Time is spent looking but only negative results can be provided (meaning a description of where and how we looked and the lack of results).  This can be very disappointing when you are hoping to find something, anything!  Every effort will be made to search under every rock but it remains a possibility that the information or documentation is just not available.  If this is the case for your project, I will inform you early on and will adjust the research plan and fees accordingly.