Here is what some of my clients are saying about my services:

“I would highly recommend Heather from Dig Ancestry for any genealogy research. She is worth every penny. I’ve given her in almost impossible task. My father was adopted as a baby and his father was not put on the birth certificate. We only had rumours to go by that we were Alexander’s and this lady figured out who I am and where I came from.”

Gina McCormack

“Heather, how can I thank you enough.  I am so happy with the work you sent, I am absolutely overwhelmed.  I knew that this information was going to be hard to locate, if not impossible and I appreciate your diligence…or is it stubbornness?!  WOW!!  Many thanks for an amazing report on my Snyder ancestors.  You by far exceeded my expectations!  I sent your reports to my 3 brothers and one of them commented that he’s “impressed with the professionalism of the reports”.  Thank you again for opening a big window into the lives of my ancestors… I am so very grateful.”

Marti Engle in North Carolina

“I was so impressed how quickly and professionally Heather was able to provide information on my family history. Heather was able to provide such great information in a very short amount of time, which on my own was becoming extremely time consuming. I was particularly impressed by the detailed report she provided and knew the information was coming from reliable sources. I am so excited to have Heather continue to dig and uncover more surprises! I can now travel with  more confidence and in a sooner timeframe to the areas my family originated. Thanks Heather for putting so many pieces together!”

Ronda Manning

“I have a lot of information on my father’s side of the family but knew very little about my mother’s father and his family.  I knew he was born in Scotland in about 1914 and he emigrated to Canada after marrying but knew little else.  Heather was able to locate his birth certificate and then was able to go back three generations in my family history in Scotland.  She also provided locational context and some stories of my ancestors.  Very cool information!  Now I would like her to pull this information together and display it in a keepsake for my family.  It is something we will treasure for many years and can be handed down to future generations!”

Bill Swan

“The only way I can start my review on what Dig Ancestry has done with my family’s ancestry discovery is with a profound “WOW”.  Through Heather’s unwavering passion she did a ton of deep investigating and with astute insight, she was able to find some riveting facts and stories about my direct bloodline.  From acts of heroism, to tumultuous marriages, and tales that show that my family fought tooth and nail to help found both Canada and the USA to what they are today.   She truly went above and beyond in her research and in over delivering on my expectations. Every family would benefit from this type of research, analysis and story telling!”

Shelley Thompson